26910837_749697631899499_1959019911378923117_oI’m JR Benick, a writer and full time Project Manager at Netflix.

The idea for this blog came from my love of reading and writing horror fiction, but I also wanted a place to explore ways to gain control of my fears and anxieties in a healthy way. Follow along if you’re looking for a way to do the same!

Things I LOVE. Halloween. My friends and family. The sound pasta makes when you stir it. The smell and feeling of fresh, clean sheets. Days when the cat lets me sleep past 6am. Christmas trees. A good movie and/or book. Ron Swanson. Harry Potter. Sarcasm. Writing.

Things I LOATHE. Entitlement. The feeling of cotton balls. Badly dubbed movies. Living far away from my family. Cost of medical care. President Trump. Stephen King novels that are way too long.

Random facts. From Knoxville TN, currently living in Los Angeles CA. Fluent in pig latin. Broken 7 bones, all on different occasions. Certified as a 35mm and 75mm film projectionist. Moved a lot in life: eight cities, four states, nine different schools (not including college), and approximately 25 rented houses/condos/apartments.


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