ARTICLE – Why Horror Movies Like ‘Hereditary’ Poll So Poorly With Audiences – Scott Mendelson


HereditaryThere are reasons beyond the taste of the American moviegoer that horror flicks and especially horror flicks like Bug or Hereditary poll so badly with general audiences. Horror films are especially susceptible to poor averages when it comes to Cinemascore and the like. Think of it as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” When a bunch of audience members go to see a movie like Hereditary or It Comes At Night, you’re liable to get three distinct opinions. You have folks that think A) it’s good and/or scary, B) it’s not scary and thus lame, or C) it’s scary, jolting and disturbing in a way that makes them feel bad.

So instead of a straight good/bad scale, you’re dealing with a genre where the folks who liked it, disliked it because it was ineffective or disliked it because it was effective in a disconcerting fashion. That skews the polling. It’s essentially giving any horror movie a 2/3 disadvantage. It’s not unlike the debate over the Affordable Care Act back in 2009. Again using the Goldilocks example, Obamacare was often seen as unpopular because you had people who disliked it either because it went too far or didn’t go far enough.



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